Exploring the Metaverse analysing its inner workings and user base

On October 28th 2021, Facebook announced the launch and rebranding to Meta instead of Facebook. The rebranding is said to have no impact on the existing Facebook products or service, it is intended to facilitate the expansion of the brand as a whole. The Metaverse is the flagship launch under the new identity of Meta. 

The Metaverse is essentially a virtual or augmented reality experience where users are interacting with a computer generated environment. The essential components to understand in order to analyse the current state of the Metaverse, is the role of NFTs in the Metaverse, the recent stock price crash, and the potential ban of Europe for Facebook.


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The KPI6 suite provides a wide range of solutions that are perfectly suited to the needs of market analysts and researchers, advertising planners within media agencies, strategists and managers of large brands.

KPI6 analyzes a multitude of user-generated content from unsolicited sources such as online reviews, social media, digital panels, and open data to provide the strategic information a company needs to drive innovation, opportunity assessment, planning strategic, segmentation, creative development and media strategy.

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